DNP 801 What strategies will you use to become more proficient?

DNP 801 What strategies will you use to become more proficient?

DNP 801 What strategies will you use to become more proficient?

Writing in general is something I truly enjoy doing but writing a fiction essay and demonstrating scholarly writing skills tends to differ quite surprisingly. That is the focus of scholarly writing deems from research upon research of appropriate material that is peer-reviewed and within the scope of study of the research that you are testing in your paper (Irvin, 2019). It is important to have several scholarly sources that are present in the past five years that share a common relationship with the reader, your research needs to reflect your theory so the readers can be on board with your idea that lead for improvement in your present material. Writing a scholarly paper has many steps to follow in developing a well written paper for your research it has to have the right balance of a literature review, testing of your theory, a development into what you want the reader to obtain, learning to write in your own words what you gain from your review of the research way so that you are not plagiarizing in any form and you must be sure to cite all the material correctly to give credit where credit is due (Walden University, 2021).

I think the hardest part for me with writing a scholarly paper is finding the right research that is appropriate for my theory, I have not ever had a hard time with wiring in my own words, but it is the concerned that the material for the literature review is not the right choice or right research. So, it will be one of the areas I will need to real focus on to be successful. As far as citing material in APA format it does worry me some as again it has been quite some time since I wrote a scholarly research paper. I could write a prescription with my eyes closed but this is quite a bit different. So, the truth is I will need to really buckle down a get myself familiar with the library and some of the amazing resources that are at our fingertips. I cannot wait to get started on the literature review.



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My struggles align very closely with yours. Even though I have been using APA through several programs, it is always a struggle. PERRLA is an add-on program for Microsoft Word that has been a lifesaver. It holds all my references and will even search for the article information, so you do not have to enter it then place it in the correct APA format. PERRLA even does the entire paper set up, so margins, headings, and title page are all following the APA version needed. It has been a massive help with formatting.

Finding the proper research is also a big concern for me. Making lists can be helpful when identifying what you are looking for. Lists that include specific terms to search and then add other words to broaden the search. Tags are also attached to many articles and can help guide you to different sources. (University of Louisville Writing Center, n.d.) These have both helped me in the past find articles that I otherwise would not have found. It’s amazing what you can find in the references of another article.  And don’t forget, you can always call the library at GCU for assistance. They are a great help when you need them.



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Scholarly writing is an essential skill for a doctoral student. Writing should be concise, accurate, thought-provoking and academic in nature. Scholarly writing should be grounded with facts or research based and should be void of opinions (Tornwall & McDaniel, 2022). Properly citing authors and ideas is a cornerstone as plagiarism should be avoided. Additionally, providing and receiving feedback aids in academic writing, essential for Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students (Tornwall & McDaniel, 2022).

A challenge I face in scholarly writing relates to citations. I tend to over-cite materials and references. Even at this

DNP 801 What strategies will you use to become more proficient
DNP 801 What strategies will you use to become more proficient

level, I am still citing many sources, especially in larger papers. I do not want to inadvertently commit plagiarism, so I error on the side of caution. However, if the paper is large with a multitude of references, I fear missing a citation. Another challenge is proofreading prior to submitting papers and assignments. Often, this is due to time constraints which also means I do not tend to follow a writing process. Recommendation is to write and proofread and revise (Johnson & Rulo, 2019). Lastly, writing concisely can be challenging, especially if the assignment has word requirements. Also, I tend to become more loquacious if I am passionate about a certain topic making my assignment less succinct.

Grand Canyon University has a multitude of resources available to assist in scholarly writing. I appreciate Lopeswrite submissions to review for possible plagiarism. There are several tutorials available from GCU on the most current edition of APA formatting. This is extremely helpful has it has recently changed. The Student Success Center providers a Writing Center with tutorials I found beneficial. Johnson and Rulo (2019) offered a few suggestions that I found helpful and improve my writing style: prewriting, devise the rough draft and then spend more time on feedback and revisions. This is not my current process. If I follow these steps, I would budget time to step away and be more productive when I return, helping to make my writing more scholarly and concise.



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Scholarly writing itself is challenging. However, I feel the most challenging is writing in APA style. It takes focus, consistency, and keeping the rules close at hand. Grand Canyon provides numerous resources to combat the issue. For example GCU provides citing sources for APA 7th edition, @ Clicking onto the in-text citations @ Going to either site will allow the user to go in-depth with APA 7th edition formatting. Another challenge has been formatting papers in APA format. Scholarly writing being a challenge, I registered for tutoring through Thinking Storm. My last paper was not my best effort and definitely lacked a scholarly feel. My challenge at this time is getting my papers completed and turned into Thinking Storm prior to due date.

Other sources that will be useful in writing include Grammarly and sources on the DNP Library website and DC Network.

The importance of the writing process includes organizing your ideas, planning, drafting a copy, revising and editing, research, citing sources, and a final review. These steps may be basic but if followed will improve chances of becoming a scholarly writer. (Grand Canyon University)

It has been a struggle to take advantage of all information provided to improve my writing. I’m in the process of dedicating time specific to improve my writing proficiency. The section for Writing Resources have writing tools such as tutorials, webinars, style guides, templates, and assistance for research and help with writing.

I’ve always had challenges getting my thoughts on paper. Sometimes there is a block or what I want to see is so similar to what I’m reading I get blocked as how to move forward. A challenge in the writing process when deadlines must be met. GCU provides so many resources it is to get inundated. As I’m writing this discussion post, I’m actually going through the GCU Scholarly DNP Writing Resource Page and some of my concerns are addressed. The website:

In reflection, citing and APA format are most challenging, closely followed by obtaining appropriate research.

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