DNP 805 Reflective Journal

DNP 805 Reflective Journal

DNP 805 Reflective Journal

A reflection journal is a key part of the learning process as it offers a student a chance to reflect on the just concluded course by exploring how well the objectives and competencies have been met. In addition, a student can also document what has not been achieved and potential plans to make everything right. As such, the this reflective journal presented here attests that the student has fulfilled the Grand Canyon University’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program course objectives for the DNP 825A. In addition, this essay is an attestation that the student has successfully attained various competencies contained in the Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice set forth by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (Zaccagnini & Pechacek, 2019). Relevant skills were achieved though this course related to population management in terms of the community, environmental and socioeconomic aspects of health

The Reflection

            In the process of completing the Grand Canyon University’s DNP 825A, the nurse scholar participated in a host of activities which enabled a completion of the course requirements and competencies. For example, weekly assignments, weekly discussions and peer discussion were appropriately used to accomplish the course requirement with the assignments and discussions revolving around population management and how to improve the health of populations. Engaging in the weekly assignments and discussions consequently set the nurse scholar into the path of achieving various DNP essentials which have been presented in the next section.

Essential V. Health Care Policy for Advocacy in Health Care

The next essential accomplished by completing DNP 825A is the fifth essentials which focuses on healthcare policy for advocacy is health care (Zaccagnini & Pechacek, 2019). Healthcare policy are essential in patient health and also impacts population health since through such policies, various initiatives and practices can be used to impact how patients are treated and managed. The implication is that nurses should take active roles in healthcare policy and advocacy to help influence such decisions to favor improved patient care and management services (Scott & Scott, 2021). As part of the DNP 825A course, the DNP student studied and discussed various advocacy tools that can be applied to enhance population and individual health. For instance, the roles played by the doctoral student in managing a health issue for patients at risk of health complication and how the students can participate in advocacy issues regarding equity and ethical policies was explored.

Essential VI: Interprofessional Collaboration for Improving Patient and Population Health Outcomes


Health challenges facing various population dictate that appropriate strategies should be used to mitigate such challenges. The DNP 825 has objectives and aims related to this DNP essential, as such, the nurse scholar achieved this essential by competing the course. For instance, some of the discussions throughout the course regarded reducing risks and promoting the health of population through various interprofessional collaboration strategies. As part of the discussion, potential interventions that can be used in improving health outcomes in a local community were identified and discussed. Such solutions were also discussed and explored by proposing potential timeline that can be applied in completing such intervention. Among the collaboration strategies explored include the collaboration between the direct care nurses and advanced practice nurse to implement changes using various community health programs (Miranda Neto et al.,2018). Such engagements were key in helping the nurse scholar acquire and enhance interprofessional collaboration skills.


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Essential VII: Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Improving the Nation’s Health

The other essential that was achieved during the DNP 825A course is essential VII which deals with clinical

DNP 805 Reflective Journal
DNP 805 Reflective Journal

prevention and population health for improving a nation’s health (Zaccagnini & Pechacek, 2019). This essential is connected to the activities undertaken in the DNP 825A. For example, the DNP scholar participated in various peer and class discussion regarding population health and management of the same. In one of the discussions, the DNP scholar discussed the relationship that exists between the population-focused healthcare and public healthcare as well that the function of public health in addressing such problems. For instance, one of the discussions explored includes the relationship between public health and population-focused healthcare and examining the role of public health in in remediating various social problems and social issues affecting individuals and population (Smith et al.,2018). As part of exploring problems facing populations, the student was able to explored a population-based problem of interest and how such problems can be solved to achieve targeted outcomes. In addition, the DNP student studied the implementation strategies of descriptive epidemiological methods in the future and current practice.


This reflective journal was an indication that the DNP learner has achieved the objectives related to Grand Canyon university’s DNP 825A by undertaking various activities such as class assignments and discussions. In addition, various DNP essentials have also been achieved by completing this course. While more essentials were achieved, only three of them have been discussed in this reflection.



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