HCA 205 Healthcare Systems Around the World

HCA 205 Healthcare Systems Around the World

HCA 205 Healthcare Systems Around the World

How do the people in France access health care?

The people in France access health care by applying at their local CPAM (Caisse Primaire Assurance Maladie) offices.

How do the citizens of the country pay for their healthcare?

The French citizens obligatorily pay a part of their healthcare by getting about thirteen percent of their salary deducted from their paychecks, and they spend a small cost each time they get checked by their doctors. The French government also contributes to the payment of its citizens’ healthcare.

What is the quality of the healthcare they receive? Are there unique services provided?

According to the article “France Offers the Best Healthcare on Earth,” the authors say that France provides one of the best health care quality at a lower cost and continuously receives high scores in the healthcare category of International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index. Ed Dolan says in his article” What Can The US Learn From The French Health Care System?”, that French patients can choose their PCPs with minimal constraints and can see specialists of their choice. ” French Public Healthcare is  recognized for its high quality, speed, and affordability.” (Jennifer, Rowell-Gastard, 2017). There are many services provided by public and private doctors, and the services fees are different.

Describe some of the Pros and Cons of the system.

French healthcare system offers many advantages, and price and quality care are some of them. French people believe that ” the greatest wealth is health.” and that is one of the reasons why equal access to healthcare is one of the French government’s missions. According to Jennifer, Rowell-Gastard, in the article (The Pros and Cons of the French Healthcare System” French people have equal access to health care at a very affordable price. In France, surgical procedures and major illness expenses like cancer are reimbursed 100 percent in public hospitals and some clinics. Some people migrate because they do not have enough money to get decent healthcare. In France, quality of care for all is the top priority. According to ms. Rowell-Gastard, Medical desert and over-prescription of medication are some of the Cons of the French healthcare system. In France, there are about 3.6 doctors for thousands of inhabitants, but most rural areas do not have enough doctors.

Two similar examples between the French and the U.S. healthcare system.

The French and U.S. healthcare systems both rely on the private and government insurance. Also, both systems deal with malpractice cases.

Difference between the U.S.  and French health care system

In France, everyone has access to health insurance, which is not the case in the U.S.

The waiting time to get a medical appointment is greater in the  U.S.( Six days or more, according to Elisabeth, Rosenthal. ) than in France.


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Health care systems of both France and the U.S. face crises of unprecedented scope. Both countries possess large and growing elderly populations that threaten to push the pace of health care price increases even higher than their already faster-than-inflation rates. Observers in both countries fear that outlays for increasingly expensive medical treatments and technologies will wreak havoc on public spending priorities. In the U.S, unchecked health care inflation will imperil Medicare and Medicaid, spur ever-larger federal budget deficits, and push up the embarrassingly large number of Americans without any medical insurance at all. In France, already insufficient resources have spurred strikes and demonstrations by doctors, while health care price hikes endanger that country’s commitment to its European partners to maintain low budget deficits. A delinquent performance by France could place the entire project of European Monetary Union in peril.

Beyond these impending crises, American and French health care systems share several fundamental principles.

HCA 205 Healthcare Systems Around the World
HCA 205 Healthcare Systems Around the World

Nonetheless, a World Health Organization report published in 2001 found that France has the best overall health care system among the 191 countries surveyed while the U.S. ranked 37th behind virtually all European countries as well as Morocco, Oman, and Costa Rica. Several factors explain the differences in the rankings of France and the United States. The most prominent factor was the large number of Americans whose access to care is limited because of their lack of health insurance—estimates range between 39 and 43 million. Despite this lack of coverage, America still spends far and away the most on its health care system at 13.7% of GDP while France spends 9.8%, placing it in the fourth position. Furthermore, it would be beneficial if everyone in the USA had access to healthcare like France. This is something that the US should mimick, because the people should be important. It seems that people in the US have to protest and march for good coverage, while France freely gives it.

How do people in Australia access health care?

People in Australia access health care with either private insurance from Health Organizations called “Health Funds” or through Medicare which is their primary health care system.

How do citizens of Australia pay for health care?

Citizens of Australia pay for health care through their health care organizations for those who is at liberty to get it. Most citizens pay very little for health care. Medicare pays a heavy portion of health care costs in Australia. Medicare coverage pays 100% of hospitals visits, 85% for Specialist visits, and 75% for PCP visits. Pharmaceutical coverage is also paid for by Medicare.

What is the quality of health care Australia receives? Are their any unique services provided?

The quality of health care that Australia receives is one of the best. There health care system is paid funded by the Federal Government which created Medicare levy. The Government and State are solely responsible for a wide range of health services that makes care affordable to their citizens and visitors who travel there. One unique service is their National Immunization Program (NIP)Links to an external site.which provides vaccines and funding for preventive health screening for bowel cancer, cervical cancer, and breast cancer.

Describe some pros and cons of Australia’s health care system.

The pros of Australia’s health care system is the cost is very affordable and the access for everyone even travelers. The cons is that insurance is paid through citizens taxes and high income citizens are responsible for obtaining private insurance or their is a penalty fee between 1%-1.5%.

Identify at least two examples of similarities between your selected country and the U.S. healthcare system.

Two similarities between Australia’s health care system and The United States health care system are that it’s funded by the Federal Government and they have many services within the community people can benefit from.

Differentiate between U.S. health care and the health care system of the country you chose by sharing at least two examples of how they are different.

Two examples of of how Australia’s and The United States health care system differ is that Medicare is the center of their Universal Health care system and their approach to athleticism through their health care portfolio which responsible for national sports programs that provides programs within the community that encourages more involvement in sports and recreation, shed light on high-performance athletes, and maintain good sportsmanship.


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