HCA 205 Role Playing Case Study

HCA 205 Role Playing Case Study

HCA 205 Role Playing Case Study

As a Nurse Practitioner, my participation in changing paper medical records to electronic health records would be crucial for the success of the conversion. I would participate in this change by presenting the importance of communication between, me, the patients and other people that I work with ( Doctors, Nurses, CMA, etc.). NPs provide primary health care to a variety of population(children, adults and old patients) and the team care should be able to contact one another and share some information about patients. It could be dangerous if for some reasons one of the team care members is not able to access patients information. One of my concerns that I will mention will be the safety of patients information. Since many people are used to paper medical records, some will forget to lock their computers before leaving their desks, and a malicious person, for example, may access the patient’s information. My role in this transformation will be to learn more about the EHC and educated my team so that patients information do not fall into wrong hands.

The ethical and legal issues that I would identify would be some colleagues accessing patients chart for personal reasons. It would be easy for a coworker to access a patient chart from his/her desk, and it would be unethical and illegal if he/she accesses the chart of his/her neighbor or friend that came to seek medical care. Another unethical and illegal issue would be people not charting patient information accurately. I would approach the ethical or legal concerns that I mentioned by reminding everybody that patients are our priority and by taking the time to evaluate patients’ charts to see how medical results have been documented and I would look for unusual trends.


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I have a lot of experience in the Medical Records field being a medical 4X071.  You address the ethical and legal issue of medical personnel accessing medical records of people they know.  With the EHR system tracking who and when becomes much easier.  With paper records as long as you had access to the records room you could theoretically sit and read all day.  With the EHR there is an access history report that can be pulled and any searches or records viewed can be brought up.  In all my records training this has been foot stomped and with HIPAA and the Privacy Act there are steep repercussions for accessing any medical records for other than work purposes.

I was assigned the health care role of an information technologist and found the following information:

Demonstrate how you would participate in this change (e.g., identify your needs, state your concerns and complaints, and describe your specific role in the transformation).

For this healthcare role, you must be knowledgeable about computers and information systems. Should also be

HCA 205 Role Playing Case Study
HCA 205 Role Playing Case Study

able to do strong research, coding and data analysis skills, health information technicians collect patients’ medical data and record the data in paper or computer files. They also review health records and insurance claims and ensure compliance with privacy laws. The health information technicians’ main job is to organize and manage health data, primarily with EHR and EMR systems. This means my job is to input health data patients and make sure patients’ privacy is not compromised.

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   For an information technologist I found an article that had the following for concerns for this role:  

  • Data entry errors for health information technology systems
  • Missing data
  • Improper copy-and-paste behavior
  • Inappropriate use of default values as some of the ways data can be seriously compromised
  • I think one of the main concerns would be keeping patient information confidential.

You can find this article at https://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/hit-leads-list-top-10-safety-concernsLinks to an external site.


The ethical issues that could be identified from the perspective of my role are:

  • “Breaches of privacy in which thousands of records are lost or compromised by having an unencrypted laptop computer stolen.” (Author: Zuckerman 2014)
  • Threats to privacy include relatively easy re-identification and efficient data mining as well as hacking and accidents. (Author: Zuckerman 2014)

  The legal issues that could be identified from the perspective my role is:

  • Prohibitions on information blocking have “the potential to create conflict with patient authorizations, proprietary rights, and breach notification obligations.”
  • The risk that data will be accessed by unauthorized individuals continues to grow and, with it, the liability exposure — estimated in the billions — associated with investigating data breaches, fixing them, and managing predictable claims and lawsuits.

Describe how you would approach at least one of you’re identified ethical or legal concerns during this transfer to EHRs.

Any laptop or computer with records needs to be encrypted so is less likely to be lost or compromised.



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As a Medical and Health Services Manager my participation with changing from paper medical records to electronic health records I will take full responsibility in informing all my staff of this new change so that they can get familiar with it. My staff will be the ones that will have to endure most of the changes because they come in contact with the patients.My concern that I have for this merge of information is making sure that all my staff know exactly how to do this correctly so I will need to know if training is involved and if so i will need to schedule my clinic staff for training. They complaints that may occur with this change is incorrect merging pf PHI. My specific role is making sure that everything is done and done correctly. The ethical of having electronic health record offer several advantages over paper records. They increase access to health care, improve the quality of care and decrease costs. A legal issue that could happen is breaches, theft and unauthorized access to PHI. Since September 2009, there have been 380 incidents reported. And the number of patients affected by data breaches has been on a rise. And with the ethical issues I would approach them by letting my staff know to make sure to explain to patients that the merge to electronic PHI is on a rise and it is a more safer way ti keep information as well as it helps improve the quality of care and cost.


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