LDR 615 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

LDR 615 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

LDR 615 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

Academic engagement based on active participation in instructional activities related to course objectives is essential for nursing students pursing their advanced education in this institution (Mackavey et al., 2019). Imperatively, the weekly objectives that I had prior knowledge of include health assessment, and the various aspects of the last course, especially the use of evidence-based practice (EBP) in clinical settings. I feel that my vast experience as a nurse before embarking on this course helped me acquire more knowledge to a level that I can say is advanced but requires more competencies in all areas like use of informatics and health technology’s integration in care delivery. I have also enjoyed the Digital Clinical Experience Comprehensive Assessment.

Conversely, I had limited prior knowledge on nursing research and its application in nursing. The use of evidence-

LDR 615 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge
LDR 615 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge

based practice (EBP) was new to me but through the course, I no appreciate the immense role that it plays in ensuring that patients get tailored care using current research findings. I now understand different types of research studies, from qualitative to quantitative, and their role in enhancing nurses’ competencies (Heinen et al., 2019). Again, engaging in learning through topics on issues about the future of nursing remains some of the areas that excited me during the course but I had no prior knowledge before. The implication is that I am looking forward to discussing more course-related topics like role of advanced nurse practice in care provision, the use of healthcare technologies, including artificial intelligence, and wearable devices, especially in addressing aspects like chronic conditions.

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I want to discuss topics like role of nurses in promoting healthcare access and leadership in nursing as a core aspect of delivering evidence-based practice (Sommers et al., 2020). My concerns about this course would be on if it shall be more interactive and acceptance of diversity, especially as nurses are expected to be culturally-competence and sensitive to deliver care to patients based on their needs.


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