MATH 225N Measures of Central Tendency and Variation

MATH 225N Measures of Central Tendency and Variation

MATH 225N Measures of Central Tendency and Variation

For grading purposes, this particular discussion posting area runs from Sunday Jan 17 through Sunday Jan 24, inclusively.

We explore the so-called Normal Distributions this Week. This includes normal probability distributions, the standard normal distribution, the standard normal distribution Table, the concept of continuous distributions, sampling distributions, and the Central Limit Theorem.

Please don’t forget to use an “outside” resource as part of the content and documentation for your first Post – the Post which is due on or before Wednesday of the Week – the Post where you make the most major contribution to the Weekly discussion posting area and attempt to address the discussion prompts / cues for the Week. It could possibly include a web site that you discovered on the internet at large, so long as the web site is relevant and substantial and does not violate the Chamberlain University policy for prohibited web sites, and so forth. It could possibly include references / resources that you discover through making use of the online Chamberlain University Library ( please click Resources along the left and then click Library to discover the link to the Chamberlain University online Library ) . 🙂

Check out the link below for some information about the so-called Standard Normal Distribution.  After that page comes up also click on the normal distribution link from that page to see some more useful and relevant information for our Week 3 concerns and COs.


Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


This is one kind of an example of using an “outside” source / resource to add to what is revealed in our Weekly Lesson in Modules and in our Weekly text book reading.


Please don’t forget to look over the Graded Discussion Posting Rubric each Week to be certain that you are meeting all of the Frequency requirements as well as all of the Quality requirements for graded discussion posting each Week.


If you have any questions about anything, please do not hesitate to post in the Q & A Forum discussion posting area or to send me a direct e-mail message to


Thanks Friends and Good Luck !  Work hard and learn a lot !!


Sincerely,  Mr. Smith     Chamberlain University     Math, Statistics, and Quantitative Research

I want to please make a couple of things clear here for uniformity and clarity and consistency.

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Please record the pulse rate for one minute / 60 seconds per person.


If it is typical that you just “take” the pulse for 15 seconds and then therefore multiply it by 4 then so be it – you all would know much much better than me how things are done…


But PLEASE everyone use a rate for a 60 seconds / one minute time period so that we all can look at each

MATH 225N Measures of Central Tendency and Variation
MATH 225N Measures of Central Tendency and Variation

other’s numbers ( data values ) and means and medians and sample standard deviations and so forth and all be on the same page and in the same frame of mind and have the same reference points and point of view and thinking and all that when looking at each other’s numbers and results.


ALSO I want to make it clear that I am going to make a few Posts with an “Example” of these Week 3 questions and concerns but that my “example” will involve a sample size of n = 30


But you all please stick to the assignment instructions / directions and use a sample size of n = 10 please.


Thanks and Best Wishes !  Have fun with this assignment !!  Use your Week 3 spread sheet( s ) on this assignment as much as you possibly can !  Even attach copies of your Week 3 spread sheet( s ) to your Posts with your actual 10 pieces of data filled in and so forth !  Enjoy and Learn Friends !!!


Don’t forget the lab turn in assignment in Week 3 !!!!


We have Knewton Quizzes in Weeks 2 4 6 and lab turn in assignments in Weeks 3 5 7 .

It looks like you might have had some trouble trying to get a graphic / image into your Post and so I wanted to try it out for myself and see if I could get it to work.      😉



The process involved a couple of unexpected steps for me, so I will share as much as I can here to hopefully help Folks who might want to place something like this in a Post during Weeks X-X .    😉


XXXXX gave some great instructions on doing this kind of thing too, but I have a variation on a few of the steps that she performed.    😉


First, before copying and pasting the Excel output to an open blank Word document, I had to go through the very irritating step of giving all the cells to be copied and pasted a sort of light background – that orangy peachy color that you see.


Otherwise when I created my jpg / jpeg most of the cells were dark black and not readable so to speak.


Next in Excel I highlighted the cells to be copied and then did contol c


Then in a blank Word document I used the mouse and clicked but had to be careful about which Paste option that I used – I had to use Paste as a picture, which was one of the last options available to me from left to right.


Then I clicked on the image in the Word document and did Save as Picture


Then I saved it to my desktop and saved it as a jpg / jpeg


Then in the course shell I clicked on Files and then clicked on Week X Files


Then I uploaded my newly created image from my desk top into the Week X Files area


Then in my Post I clicked on Embed Image and then clicked CANVAS and then clicked Course Files and then clicked Week X Files


Then I located my desired image and clicked on it


Then I scrolled down a bit and clicked Update or whatever it is…


Then the image magically appeared in this Post !    🙂


So the two steps that surprised me the most were having to give all the cells a light background and secondly instead of just blindly pasting into Word I had to be thoughtful and intentional about “which” “paste method / type” to use.


Thanks XXXXX and Best Wishes and please enjoy the upcoming Week X and work hard and learn a lot !


I really appreciate that very much !!

And here is just an example Post showing you the potential to get Excel output into a graded Post and what it might look like and how it might work.


I will be making a lot of Posts throughout Week 3 showing and demonstrating for you how to do this. But you don’t have to wait for those Posts though if you don’t want to. There is already an 11 minute Video in Media Gallery along the left of the screen which shows you how to do this.


Thanks Friends and Best Wishes and Good Luck too !!


PS    Even though it is a little fuzzy and blurry in the graphic / image here, that z-score is negative.


It is  – 0.8  since 72 – 80 is of course negative.  And then – 8 / 10 of course is  – 0.8