NRS 429 Describe a health promotion model used to initiate behavioral changes

NRS 429 Describe a health promotion model used to initiate behavioral changes

NRS 429 Describe a health promotion model used to initiate behavioral changes

The family certainly has an important role in facilities treatment of patients, since it can provide effective psychological and emotional support to patients undergoing treatment within any given facility. Additionally, the role of family and friends is not only important for adults but also for the younger generations. Consequently, the facilities staff needs to maintain continuous communication with parents and relatives of patients, and provide them with the appropriate information concerning the condition and progress of their loved one and how they are progressing throughout the therapeutic regime. This method will help provide more effective and holistic care support for the patient.

How have you seen a holistic approach to incorporating family into the care process work in your own situations?

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It is true that the staff of a given facility will need to maintain continuous communication with the parents and relatives of patients concerning the progress ad and condition of the patient. However, with HIPPA nurses or staff of the facility can only provide information to relatives of the patient if the patient chooses for that information to be shared with them otherwise it will be a breach of the HIPPA law. Nurses can only share patients’ health information/condition if the patient gives permission for such information to be given to members of their family. For patients who give permission to nurses or providers to share their health information to their loved ones, it always brings about positive health outcomes when members of the family are familiar with what is going on with their loved one and are actively involved in the care of their family member. Currently, my mother has Kaiser Permanente insurance, she lives with my older brother who is not a nurse, my brother and I are listed as her emergency contacts and care providers. She speaks very limited English and she is not health literate and she relies on me to decide and make suggestions when it comes to her health. Anytime anyone of us call to schedule her appointments, the Kaiser Rep will verify our identity and will request to put our mom on the phone as well. One of us will have to take her for her appointments and because we are involved in her care, she feels very confident and comfortable and she is satisfied with the medical care that she is receiving.

Communication between the patient treatment facility and the family is a major source of emotional support for the

NRS 429 Describe a health promotion model used to initiate behavioral changes
NRS 429 Describe a health promotion model used to initiate behavioral changes

family. In our NICU, parents are provided with the opportunity to watch their babies via zoom. They call whenever they want, to see their baby and they communicate with nurses about their child’s progress. They are encouraged to call for their babies around feeding times or bath times and be part of it. The parents love doing that and it gives other members of the family the opportunity to see their baby.

Hello Mabel, that is a great response. I work in the OR and I definitely know how it is to have great communication with the patient and family. I give the family an update about the patient every hour when we start the procedure. Having communication with the family give them comfort about their family member. Had there been a time where you didn’t have a chance to communicate with the family?

NICU is different in arrangement. Babies are in isolettes and are under observation around the clock. There are nurses at all times to attend to any need from the parents. If parents call when their baby’s nurse is not there, the charge nurse will always assist them after proper identification of course.

Great, the family is the key to healthcare wellness for the patient, the family represents advocacy in the healthcare community, a patient who does not have family in the facility the improvement or stay in the facility is different for those who have family in the facility. As Nurses and professional providers In order to provide equity of care, we must recognize that each individual we serve has unique and diverse beliefs, cultural experiences, and needs. In addition, we must also recognize that our colleagues culturally and others we work with having culturally diverse beliefs. The most significant problem in the facility is the barriers to the delivery of culturally diverse sensitive care language barriers, one of the members of the family should be there for interpretation. Being culturally competent requires compassion and a more profound and ardent commitment to our patients, their families, and our communities.

Family is the functional unit where life begins. Every individuals comes from a family and the love from the family cannot be compared with anyone else. As much as nurses tries to give psychological supports to patients,share information about their care, the support gotten from the family surpasses every other one. As a child, can you relate the joy you had when your parents comes to cheer you up in school during an award giving day? The bond from the family is very strong same goes to the patient. I have nursed several patients who had a better outcome as a result of family involvement.I once nursed an 80 years old diabetic patient who kept refusing nursing care and medications despite all client educations and hence was not getting better. Surprisingly when the children got involved in the care, the patient started accepting her medications and blood sugar became controlled.I later discovered that the patient was kind of paranoid and doesn’t accept foods or drinks from strangers as she believed that her husband died from food poison given to him by his best friend. If the family was not involved in the care of the patient, she would have developed some complications

I strive to always incorporate a patient’s family members into their care in the Emergency Department. We often encounter situations in the ED which are not true emergencies. There is often a knowledge deficit about where the patient should actually be, along the continuum of care. My role as a Case Manager is to educate the patient and family member on the level of care that they actually need, and how to obtain follow-up in the right location.

A Holistic approach to care in the ED involves allowing family members to visit and stay with the patients. Family members can often be helpful in Advocating for the patients and assisting with basic care. This can be a wonderful opportunity to assess the skills of a family Caregiver, and to teach them new or improved skills for caring for their loved one.