NRSG 410 Develop 3 lists of questions based on the family you will assess

NRSG 410 Develop 3 lists of questions based on the family you will assess

NRSG 410 Develop 3 lists of questions based on the family you will assess

Family Assessment Questions

  1. List of questions for the Child
    • Does anyone smoke or vape in enclosed areas near your child?
    • Do you take your child to the doctor regularly?
    • Are there any risk factors affecting the child’s health and safety?
    • Has your child received all of the recommended immunizations and health checks?
    • Did your child experience any developmental delays?
    • What foods do your family, including your children, consume?
    • Are any of your children disabled or have special needs?
    • Do your children engage in physical activities such as walking, swimming, running, or sports?
    • Is your child able to participate in a playgroup or have access to play equipment?
    • Do you consider your home to be in good condition and a safe place for your children?
    • Can you describe your children’s sleeping habits?
    • Has your kid ever come forward with a bullying, abuse, or neglect case?
    • What coping mechanisms do you use with your kids in difficult situations?
    • Did you bring up your kids in a particular religious tradition?
    • Does any of your kids have a persistent illness that interferes with their daily life, or school performance? (Edelman & Kudzma, 2021: Pender et al., 2018).

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  1. List of questions for the Adult
    • How would you characterize the current state of health in your family? What have you been doing to promote health?
    • Are there any threats to safety or emotional or physical obstacles to preserving or advancing the family’s health?
    • How often do you get your health checked?
    • Do you consume alcohol or other illegal drugs?
    • What are your thoughts and those of your family members regarding the use of herbal and medical
      NRSG 410 Develop 3 lists of questions based on the family you will assess
      NRSG 410 Develop 3 lists of questions based on the family you will assess

      remedies to treat illnesses?

    • On average, how many hours a night do you and your family members sleep?
    • How does your family handle challenging circumstances?
    • Do you eat three meals a day with your family?
    • How many days or hours per week do you engage in physical activity?
    • Does your family belong to any cultural, racial, religious, or other groups?
    • Do you ever drive after drinking, or do you ever ride with a driver who has?
    • Are there any physical restrictions that can make it difficult for a family member to carry out regular tasks?
    • How does your family gather information and who makes decisions regarding health care in the home?
    • How does your family feel that they have assimilated into the community and neighborhood?
    • Do you suffer from any inherited illnesses or conditions? (Reitz & Scaffa, 2020).



  1. List of questions for the Older Adult
    • How frequently do you receive the necessary social and emotional support?
    • How would you characterize your bond with your family?
    • Do you often consume a healthy diet?
    • Do you have any trouble falling or staying asleep?
    • How are you promoting your health?
    • Do you regularly go in for eye and dental exams?
    • Do any mental or physical conditions limit your capacity for independent living?
    • How frequently during the past year(s) have you used alcohol, tobacco, or any other drug of abuse?
    • Have you received all of your immunizations, including Covid-19?
    • Do you go to the gym frequently?
    • How many hours a day do you spend in front of the TV?
    • Do you always wear your seat belt in a car?
    • How frequently have you felt worried, apprehensive, or on edge in the last two weeks?
    • How frequently do you struggle to take your medications as prescribed?
    • Have you had any problems obtaining specialized healthcare services, such as specialty clinics or hospitals? (Umberson & Thomeer, 2020).




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