NURS 6053 Change Implementation and Management Plan

NURS 6053 Change Implementation and Management Plan

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It is one of the most cliché of clichés, but it nevertheless rings true: The only constant is change. As a nursing professional, you are no doubt aware that success in the healthcare field requires the ability to adapt to change, as the pace of change in healthcare may be without rival. 

As a professional, you will be called upon to share expertise, inform, educate, and advocate. Your efforts in these areas can help lead others through change. In this Assignment, you will propose a change within your organization and present a comprehensive plan to implement the change you propose. 



Be sure to review the Learning Resources before completing this activity.
Click the weekly resources link to access the resources.  


To Prepare: 

  • Review the Resources and identify one change that you believe is called for in your organization/workplace. 
  • This may be a change necessary to effectively address one or more of the issues you addressed in the Workplace Environment Assessment you submitted in Module 4. It may also be a change in response to something not addressed in your previous efforts. It may be beneficial to discuss your ideas with your organizational leadership and/or colleagues to help identify and vet these ideas. 
  • Reflect on how you might implement this change and how you might communicate this change to organizational leadership. 

The Assignment (5-6-minute narrated PowerPoint presentation): 

Change Implementation and Management Plan 

Create a 5- or 6-slide narrated PowerPoint that presents a comprehensive plan to implement changes you propose.  

Your narrated presentation should be 5–6 minutes in length. 

Your Change Implementation and Management Plan should include the following: 

  • An executive summary of the issues that are currently affecting your organization/workplace (This can include the work you completed in your Workplace Environment Assessment previously submitted, if relevant.) 
  • A description of the change being proposed 
  • Justifications for the change, including why addressing it will have a positive impact on your organization/workplace 
  • Details about the type and scope of the proposed change 
  • Identification of the stakeholders impacted by the change 
  • Identification of a change management team (by title/role) 
  • A plan for communicating the change you propose 
  • A description of risk mitigation plans you would recommend to address the risks anticipated by the change you propose 

Alternate Submission Method 

You may also use Kaltura Personal Capture to record your narrated PowerPoint. This option will require you to create your PowerPoint slides first. Then, follow the Personal Capture instructions outlined on the Kaltura Media UploaderLinks to an external site. page. This page will walk you through downloading the tool and help you become familiar with the features of Personal Capture. When you are ready to begin recording, you may turn off the webcam option so that only “Screen” and “Audio” are enabled. Start your recording and then open your PowerPoint to slide show view. Once the recording is complete, follow the instructions found on the “Posting Your Video in the Classroom Guide” found on the Kaltura Media page for instructions on how to submit your video. For this option, in addition to submitting your video, you must also upload your PowerPoint file which must include your speaker notes.  


Submit your narrated Change Implementation and Management Plan. Review the following submission instructions for the type of submission you choose.  


Before submitting your final assignment, you can check your draft for authenticity. To check your draft, access the Turnitin Drafts from the Start Here area.  

  1. To submit your completed assignment, save your Assignment as WK11Assgn_LastName_Firstinitial 
  1. Then, click on Start Assignment near the top of the page. 
  1. Next, click on Upload File and select Submit Assignment for review. 


To submit your Kaltura media: 

  1. Click on Start Assignment near the top of the page. 
  1. Next, click Text Entry and then click the Embed Kaltura Media button. 
  1. Select your recorded video under My Media. 
  1. Check the box for the End-User License Agreement and select Submit Assignment for review. 

A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NURS 6053 Change Implementation and Management Plan

Title: NURS 6053 Change Implementation and Management Plan

Executive Summary

The issue affecting our organization is the different perspectives in solving the shortage crisis. The main issues revolving around solving the constant problem of physician shortage include uneven care whereby health consumers receive different levels of care determined by the level of insurance plan. The number of off-time is influenced by patients only being served on weekdays and limited on nightshift and weekends. Inflexibility is another factor influenced by the ability of the nurse practitioners and physician assistants to deliver the same quality based on primary care. Lack of efficiency due to the limited ability for more care by the physician is influenced by compliance-related activities such as electronic medical record administration.

Description of Change Being  Proposed

Changes that are being proposed include attracting more nurses to primary care roles. The change will help in alleviating physician shortage. The difference will be solved since the nurses will help offer self-care advice that is effective for general health requires less medical attention. It is also essential to increase the policy initiative aimed at supporting human resource development. Policies are effective in helping to keep healthcare human resources professionals finding qualified personnel by making people want to join the healthcare field, thus managing the crisis. Giving healthcare workers a voice in shaping policies is an effective way to change the shortage crisis. The insight from healthcare workers in policymaking can help make changes to the shortage crisis.

Justification for Change

The positive impact that our organization will have if the changes are implemented include alleviating the physician shortage. Therefore, by our organization attracting more nurses to primary care roles, the uneven care issue will be managed, thus managing the shortage crisis. Increasing the policy initiative to support human resource development change will help make training more accessible. Lastly, giving healthcare workers a voice in shaping the policy is effective in making the changes more effective in clinical settings.

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Type and Scope of Proposed Change

The scope of change is achieved by adjusting the timeliness, cost, and budget to implement the decision made about

NURS 6053 Change Implementation and Management Plan
NURS 6053 Change Implementation and Management Plan

a certain issue impacting an organization. The type of change and scope of the proposed change is the developmental change. The developmental change effectively improves the corrections within our organization, thus overcoming the challenge of shortage crisis. The main stakeholders impacted by the change include the organization at large since they will receive a positive reputation due to patient satisfaction. Additionally, the physician will overcome the challenges of burnout due to overworking. The patient will benefit from quality care due to an increase in the number of physicians within the organization.

Identification of Change Management Plan

Change practitioners are responsible for supporting and equipping people with integrated strategies and plans.

Financiers who are responsible for contributing to a successful outcome.

Management who perform their role in communicating and liaison thus leading to a successful change.

A physician plays a role in encouraging the need for change.

A Plan for Communicating the Change You Propose

The plan for communicating the change I have proposed includes making the members concerned about the change aware of the changes needed and their benefits to the hospital. It is also essential to select credible leaders who will help deliver the message. Make communication face to face since it can easily be aided by the use of facial expression and body language. Additionally, the department addressing the issue should reinforce creating a feedback loop.The risk mitigation plans that I would recommend include controlling and reducing the probability of unwanted risks, such as increasing a high cost during the implementation of the suggested changes. Additionally, acceptance gives a finite chance to modify what does not work effectively.