NURS FPX 4060 Community Resources

Sample Answer for NURS FPX 4060 Community Resources Included After Question

Research a selected local, national, or global nonprofit organization or government agency to determine how it contributes to public health and safety improvements, promotes equal opportunity, and improves the quality of life within the community.

Submit your findings in a 3-5 page report. The research requirements, outlined below, correspond to the grading criteria in the assessment scoring guide, so be sure to address each point.

• Explain how the organization’s mission and vision enable it to contribute to public health and safety improvements.

• Include examples of ways a local and/or global initiative supports organizational mission and vision and promotes public health and safety.

• Evaluate an organization’s ability to promote equal opportunity and improve the quality of life in the community.

• Consider the effects of social, cultural, economic, and physical barriers.


• Assess the impact of funding sources, policy, and legislation on the organization’s provision of services.

• Consider the potential implications of funding decisions, policy, and legislation for individuals, families, and aggregates within the community.

• Explain how an organization’s work impacts the health and/or safety needs of a local community.

• Consider how nurses might become involved with the organization.


A Sample Answer For the Assignment: NURS FPX 4060 Community Resources

Title: NURS FPX 4060 Community Resources

Non-governmental and non-profit organizations play an important role in the promotion of public health. These organizations support the provision of health care services to the vulnerable populations. Nurses and other healthcare providers are largely involved in the realization of the mission and visions of these organizations. Their roles include population assessment to identify their needs, planning, implementing, and evaluating the adopted outcomes. Government policies and funding sources often affect the operation of the non-governmental and not-for-profit organizations. Therefore, the purpose of this research paper is to explore the impact of the American Red Cross on public health and quality of life in a community.

How the Organization’s Mission and Vision Enable it to Contribute to Public Health

The selected nonprofit organization for the analysis in this research paper is the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross is an organization that was established in 1881 by Clara Barton. The organization is dedicated to serving the populations in need. The organization’s mission is to alleviate and prevent human suffering during emergencies by mobilizing the power of its volunteers as well as contributions from its donors. Its mission is to be there in times of need through its strong network of donors, volunteers, and partners (, n.d.-e).

The mission and vision of the American Red Cross enables it to contribute to public health in some ways. First, the organization’s reliance of a strong network of donors and volunteers ensures its efficient and timely response to disasters and emergencies in America. Accordingly, the organization has volunteers spread throughout America. This gives it an upper hand in responding and minimizing the potential impacts of emergencies on populations. The organization through its mission and vision also contributes to public health by equipping them with their needed competencies to respond and manage disasters. The American Red Cross trains individuals, families and communities about the basic emergency management skills. The training builds the competencies that the populations need in disaster management, leading to optimum population health. The organization’s vision of turning compassion into action also contributes to public health. In specific, the American Red Cross organizes for activities such as donation events that aim at assisting victim disasters meet their fundamental needs such as shelter, food, and healthcare. Besides, it also has charity activities such as blood donation to help those in need during disasters receive lifesaving blood and blood products (, n.d.-e). The transformation of compassion into action contributes to public health by eliminating the burden of health problems during disasters.

The Organization’s Ability to Promote Equal Opportunity and Improve the Quality of Life in a Community

The American Red Cross promotes equal opportunity for all and improves the quality of life in communities during disasters. The organization’s ability to promote equal opportunity can be seen from its principles that include humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, and universality. The American Red Cross is not only an American institution but also a global institution too. It considers that all societies have equal status as well as share equal responsibilities in helping each other in times of need. The organization is also open to all, as a way of ensuring equality in global populations (, n.d.-e). Its openness ensures that it undertakes its humanitarian work in all the global states in need of its services.

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The American Red Cross also provides voluntary relief to the vulnerable populations with a focus on impartiality. It does not consider one’s race, nationality, class, political opinions, or religious beliefs in its humanitarian services. The organization’s services largely depend on individual’s or community’s needs and the prioritization of the most urgent cases during a disaster or emergency. The organization also promotes equal opportunities by being neutral in their approach to issues affecting the population. Accordingly, it does not take sides during hostilities or engage in controversies such as those related to religious, political, or racial issues. This provides it with the independence in needs in responding and providing humanitarian services to the populations in need (, n.d.-e).

The American Red Cross improves the quality of life in a community in several ways. One of them is by providing community members training on basic life skills that are crucial in times of emergencies. The organization also strengthens goodwill among the community members through campaigns such as those for blood donation. The benefit of such campaigns is that it increases compassion among community members and ensures the adequate supply of blood and blood products in times of need. The organization also provides relief in forms such as food, shelter, and health care in times of emergencies and disasters. The support reduces potential life losses and lessens the burden of the disaster on the population (, n.d.-a). Cumulatively, these actions by the American Red Cross improve the quality of life in a community.

Impact of Funding Sources, Policy, and Legislation

As noted above, American Red Cross is a non-profit organization. It does not receive any funding from the government. Instead, it relies mainly on the donations from well wishers and fees recovered from some of its services. In some cases, the organization receives financial support from the government if contracted to provide relief services to the affected in the community. The organization’s donations are from states that are members of Geneva Conventions, national Red Crescent Societies, Red Cross, supranational organizations, private and public sources (, n.d.-b).

Policy and legislation affect the funds that the American Red Cross receives as well as its service delivery. For example, changes in the regulations on the financing frameworks by the governments that are party to Geneva Convention will affect the funding of the organization. The policies on the nature of work that the organization can be contracted by the government also influences the funding and service delivery by the organization. The American Red Cross provides its services across the USA with the aim of promoting the optimum health for those in need. However, its service provision is subject to laws that each of the state adopts to guide the involvement of nonprofit organizations in times of need (, n.d.-e). In addition, it affects the collaboration efforts that the institution must implement to achieve common good for the populations affected by disasters or emergencies.

Impact of the Organization’s Work on Health and or Safety Needs of a Community

The work by the American Red Cross impacts health and safety needs of communities in need. As noted initially, the American Red Cross is an organization that offers humanitarian aid in times of emergencies. It responds to more than 6000 disasters annually with the majority of them being home fires. The organization has also been largely involved in the provision of hurricane, wildfire, and home relief measures to the vulnerable communities during disasters. The involvement of the organization in these relief initiatives aim at enhancing safety, quality, and efficiency in promoting the health of the affected in the America. In addition, the organization offers certification and courses on different basic life support skills to the communities to enhance health and safety in them. Individuals, families, and communities can benefit from courses that include First Aid, CPR, AED, Babysitting and Caregiving, swimming, CNA, and BLS training, which build competencies among community members for health and safety (, n.d.-c).

Besides the above trainings, the American Red Cross assists families and communities in emergency planning and preparation. It collaborates with them in raising awareness about the things to do in case of emergencies and optimizing survival chances. The organization has a library of tips and checklists that families, individuals, and communities may use before, during, and after emergencies and disasters for safety. The impact of these roles by the American Red Cross on the health of communities can be seen in recent disasters experienced in America. For example, the American Red Cross provided relief services during Hurricane Ian this year in Florida. It offered more than 33000 emergency shelters, served more than 1.4 million meals and snacks, deployed more than 2700 disaster staff, and offered relied supplies to more than 19000 households affected by the disaster (, n.d.-d).


In summary, the American Red Cross’s mission and vision enables it to contribute to public health. The organization strives to promote equal opportunity and improve quality of life in communities. It relies mainly on donations to undertake its activities. Overall, the organization’s work improves the health and safety of communities in need during emergencies.

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