PSY 325 Locate a News Article

PSY 325 Locate a News Article

PSY 325 Locate a News Article

News Article

Understanding the results reported in a study requires that the readers keenly read the article to comprehend the study objectives, the methodology, the findings, and the author’s claims. An adequate read is also required to help in understanding the overall meaning and implications of the presented results (Cargill & O’Connor, 2021). Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to summarize a news article and then provide a description of the results. In addition, the paper will also focus on exploring the margin of error, the interpretation of the error, and the meaning of the numbers presented in the article.

Summary of the News Article

            The identified article is entitled “ Americans remain relatively optimistic about the job market.” The article was authored by Justin McCarthy in 2016. The article’s purpose was to explore Americans’ expectations and views on the job market. The views were obtained through a Gallup poll survey based on telephone interviews. A total of 1027 adults of at least eighteen years old were randomly sampled to participate in the study. The results showed that up to 43% of Americans reported that it was a good time to get a quality job, a figure which was close to the values recorded before and is among the highest since the year 2001 based on Gallup’s trend (McCarthy, 2016). One of the highest figures was observed in January 2014 at 45%. The author indicated that the value has been hovering around forty percent since then.

The views regarding the job market were found to vary depending on the employment status of individuals. For example, 51% of those employed indicated that it was a good time to get a quality job, while a considerably lower figure of 33% among those not working indicated that it was the right time to get a quality job, an indication that employed Americans were more positive regarding the job market (McCarthy, 2016). The confidence shown in the job market was also found to vary by subgroups, with 50% of full-time workers against 39% of part-time workers indicating that it was a good time to get a quality job.

The margin sampling error is ±4 percentage points at a confidence level of 95%. The margin of error at a 95% confidence level implies that if the sampling is done one hundred times, then the results will be within the four percentage points of the true population value 95 of those times (Sharma et al., 2020). It is important to note that the survey data may fail to perfectively match the population under consideration. Hence, a margin of error ensures that there is confidence regarding a certain percentage of the time.

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The article made it clear that the sample was representative of the population. For example, they indicated that each

PSY 325 Locate a News Article
PSY 325 Locate a News Article

sample of the national adults included a minimum quota of 40% of the respondents using landlines and 60% of those who use cell phones. In addition, the cellular and landline telephone numbers were selected through random-digit-dial methods hence supporting a representation. It is important for the sample to be representative of the population. This is because when the sample is representative of the whole population, then the results are more likely to be close and aligned with that of the entire population (Andrade, 2021). If it is not representative, then it is random and hence may fail to reflect the observations of the whole population


This write-up has focused on an article summary and analysis. The findings indicate that up to forty-three percent of Americans felt that it was the right time to find a quality job. The sampling was reported to have a margin sampling error is ±4 percentage points at a confidence level of 95%. The researchers also reported that the sample was a representation of the population.


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