PSY 5303 Behavioral Nutrition

PSY 5303 Behavioral Nutrition

PSY 5303 Behavioral Nutrition

Tracking my Nutrition

After reading this week’s material and understanding the connection between nutrition and mental health, I have become more conscious of what I consume. Tracking my diet in the past three days, I have noted that before I take something, I stop to evaluate whether it is healthy. Usually, I take a soft drink with my meals; however, I have only taken a soft drink once with my meals in the past three days. Soft drinks contain processed sugar and preservatives, and some are carbonated, making them poor choices for healthy eating (Mullee et al., 2019). Another good choice I have noted over the past three days is taking more vegetables with my meals. Finally, I have avoided unhealthy snacks whenever I have hunger pangs; instead, I opt for healthy options such as nuts, whole seeds, healthy granola, and fruits.

Do you notice any areas for improvement, based on what you’ve learned?

One major improvement is a good mood. My mood is less irritable, and I feel more energetic compared to when I did not watch what I consume. According to Huang et al. (2019), healthy eating makes the mood good because of stabilized blood sugar levels. Specific nutrients, for example, antioxidants and good bacteria, are associated with better outcomes for mood, reducing depressive symptoms in people (Firth et al., 2020).

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How did you learn about your food choices? Think about who or what influenced your nutritional choices diet

I consulted various sources outside the class reading to explore more about healthy eating. I also watched several

PSY 5303 Behavioral Nutrition
PSY 5303 Behavioral Nutrition

YouTube videos on healthy food choices, which influenced the choice of foods I ate in the past three days. Furthermore, my mother is a health enthusiast, and she is always encouraging us to adopt healthy eating. I spoke with her about making healthy choices, and her advice influenced my choices of snacks and drinks



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