PSYC 5302 Demonstrate the Role of Cognition in the Stress Response

PSYC 5302 Demonstrate the Role of Cognition in the Stress Response

PSYC 5302 Demonstrate the Role of Cognition in the Stress Response

Situation Primary Secondary Outcome
I was driving to work, and the car in the slower lane pulled in front of me, forcing me to brake to avoid a collision This is important because I could have died, been late to work due to having an accident, or my insurance rates could increase. Plus, he saw me and cut in front of me and then smiled. People like that have no respect for anyone else. I am just so tired of people taking advantage of me. The situation, according to Lazarus and Folkman, was a threat. The model describes how people react to stressful situations and the subsequent emotional responses. There are lots of poor drivers on the road. I really cannot change that. I’ll continue to drive safely and ignore them. The golden rule of driving is to consider yourself the only sane driver on the road because you do not know who is behind the other wheel; they might be psychos. My response to the situation was a positive secondary appraisal. That was scary, but I am glad that everyone is safe and we avoided an accident.
I to start working long shifts to keep up with the high bills that I have to pay This is important for me because I fear working long hours will have a toll on my health because I will not have time to rest or eat well. Additionally, I will not have enough time to spend with my family, which could affect my relationships with my family members. I saw the situation as a challenge, according to Lazarus and Folkman  I could look for another well-paying job, but that might not be easy to come by nowadays. But I know I have good management and multitasking skills, and I can try to manage my schedule well to fit family and work time. Though, I will still be tired most of the time. The interpretation of stress uses both positive and negative secondary appraisals. This is stressful for me because it will have an impact on my family and relationships. Yet, I have to work extra hard to manage the bills. Hopefully, I will learn to manage my time well so that I can still spend time with family. With time, I hope to get a well-paying job so that I do not have to work double shifts or two jobs to make ends meet.
I am climbing up the hill on a secluded road; then immediately, I hear a screeching sound. I do not know what has happened, and I do not want to stop because the area is unfamiliar, and it is getting dark. This is important to me

PSYC 5302 Demonstrate the Role of Cognition in the Stress Response
PSYC 5302 Demonstrate the Role of Cognition in the Stress Response

because I fear there could be severe damage meaning the engine will stall, yet I am in the middle of nowhere. It is already getting, and I am not sure of the security of this place if I stop to inspect the source of the sound and the damage. On the other hand, the problem might worsen, leading to an accident or the engine shutting down.

I could just stop for a few minutes before it gets really dark. Since there are other vehicles passing, nothing can happen to me. Or, since the car still feels fine, I will just continue moving at a slower pace until I reach the nearest gas station or town where it will be safe enough to stop and assess the issue. Thank God I have managed to reach the gas station without any incidence. Now I feel safe stopping and having the car assessed for any issues.
My adult children keep asking me for money to help pay their bills This is important to me because I do not want to introduce tension into our (already strained) relationship, but I don’t have extra money to hand out, and they need to learn how to manage money better. My primary appraisal is based on the fear of losing my children.


I could give up on our relationship, but that isn’t a good option.  I could get an extra job, but I am already stretched thin as it is. It seems like the best option is to talk to my children about managing their money better. Maybe I could send them some videos on money management, and they could watch them in the evenings.


This is a stressful situation for me because it involves my children, and I value having a relationship with them. Parenting is difficult!  Hopefully, these money management videos (and not giving them money myself) will help them get where they need to be financial.


My husband has been transferred to another town, and so, we have to relocate. We only have three months to relocate and settle in the This is important to me because I have lived in this town for the past 15 years and established my business. Starting a fresh is scary. What if I do not like the place, or my children do not get good friends like they have here. What if the new school will be too harsh for my children? I am worried that I might not find friendly neighbors and a community like what we have here (Korbmacher & Wright, 2020) (JohnvonRosenberg, 2019). I could start another bakery business and build it up like I did with my current, but this will take time to grow and realize success. I am an excellent baker, and I have many years of experience in business, which are just what I need to succeed in the new place. Children are resilient, and they will adjust to the new environment and school. The perceptions on coping abilities describe the positive secondary appraisal (Obbarius & Fischer, 2021). This is stressful for me because it is a big life decision. The change will also have an impact on everyone in the family. I hope my business skills and expertise in baking will help my business pick up faster. I will look for a school with a good reputation to enroll my children.
I was at work busy with client’s orders when my nanny called that, my 2-year-old son had fallen and they are on the way to the hospital. This was important to me because I was scared that he had hurt himself really bad and might need to stay in the hospital for a while (Tadaka & Arimoto, 2018). What if he had fractured his bones or sustained some serious injuries? My rationale for the primary appraisal was based on the perception of harm (Ali et al., 2021). I think I should not worry so much. I need to calm down and go to the hospital and see it for myself. I will try to stay calm. I believe the hospital has good doctors and they will provide good care to ensure he gets well. (Jordan & Prayag, 2022) I reached the hospital and luckily, the injury was not severe. He just needed first aid and dressing, and soon we were on our way out of the hospital. The pediatrician assured her he will be okay and we could go back for assessment after two weeks.
The doctor called me to his office to say that he had something to share with me following my recent health examination This was important to me because, from experience, such summons to a doctor’s office is to break very bad news. What if the examination revealed that they found traces of cancer? I was worried because I could not think of anything that the doctor wanted to say, but the worst. My feelings of stress were based on the perception of harm (Alhurani et al., 2018). I will try to keep calm and wait for the day of the appointment, but what if it is bad news. I will not be at ease before I know what the issue is. I know with my age; I am at increased risk of various medical conditions, including chronic diseases. What if I just walk into the doctor’s office now instead of waiting for the appointment date. These options are important secondary appraisal factors that enhance coping skills (Junker et al., 2021 Waiting for the appointment to reach was not easy, but I did it. My secondary appraisal was negative because o could not think of anything that the doctor wanted to say. As it turned out, it was not bad news as I had anticipated.
I received a call from my brother one gloomy afternoon that my father had a stroke attack. He did not have more information on his condition. I was living in a different town at the time, and I had to make immediate traveling arrangements. This was important because it involved my father, who is an important figure in my life. The first thought that crossed my mind was that people with stroke often die and that my father’s fate would be the same. I feared that even if he lived, he may never walk and talk again. The primary appraisal interpretation of events involved the fear of loss and harm (Korbmacher & Wright, 2020). There are people who get stroke and recover. I thought of just staying positive that all would be well. He was in the hands of the best doctors. All I could do at the time was pray for him to receive healing. Faith and hope is usually essential in such situations because they increase one’s ability to cope with challenging situations (Aizawa & Omori, 2021). This was no doubt the scariest day of my life. My father had a cardiovascular accident. Luckily, he received immediate first aid, preventing severe damage to the brain. He could talk, but it was hard to hear because of his slurred speech (Jamieson et al., 2018). He could not also walk because of paralysis. But with physiotherapy, he managed to regain coordination slowly by slowly.

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