RELI 448N Hinduism

RELI 448N Hinduism

RELI 448N Hinduism

I chose option # 2 which speaks about the different types of yoga’s in Hinduism. Raja Yoga “promotes meditation” (Molloy, 2020 p. 90). Meditation is a form of finding peace within yourself especially when life seems out of control. The Bhagavad Gita describes yoga as a basic meditation, a person can sit quietly to calm the mind (Molloy, 2020 p. 90). This type of tactic is a path to the Divine and can lead a person to realization by connecting with yourself, calming your nerves, calming your anxiety levels, concentrating on what is important, and emptying out the negative. As a result, stress levels are reduced and a new way of thinking can be concurred.

I chose this type of path because for myself when life is overwhelming for me, I am able to find peace by going to a quiet area of my home or any personal space to meditate. The meditation provides me with comfort. I am able to use my Christian religion to pray while I’m in my peace by closing my eyes and concentrating on what is important. As a Christian, in order to hear God, speak to you, a person must go to a quiet place and connect while emptying out all the negative that is attached. “Meditation practice does indeed increase the feeling of well-being, reduces negative affects (anxiety, depression), and enhances some attentional skills” (Droit-Volet, 2019).

I am able to use a meditation tactic as a professional when too much is going on at one time. For instance, whether in my past experiences of working physically in the facility or currently working as an RN case manager in the field, it can be overwhelming; from the phone ringing multiple times repeatedly, to patients or patient’s family calling your name, or just the demands of your job. Sometimes, I have to take a step back, find a peaceful area to take a deep breath, say a quick prayer to calm my nerves and gain control of my situation. Meditation is helpful to me in so many ways with positive end results. Alternatively, I am able to teach or show my patients how to meditate when anxiety levels are increased due to upcoming tests, surgeries, unknown results, and any type of bloodwork that needs to be completed. Some patients are claustrophobic while getting an MRI, so patient teaching on meditation will assist in calming and preparing the patient for whatever it is that is causing their anxiety levels to be increasingly high.

Fatimah Williams-Terry


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First I will say that I love your name, it makes me think of our lady of Fatima. Second, I was glad to see that you chose yoga to discuss. When I worked in the Oncology unit, I used a form of meditation for my patients and I did not know that it was called Raja Yoga. It really did help the patients by calming their nerves and anxiety levels, by helping them concentrate on what is important, and emptying out the negative. By the negative, I mean, the patients new that an early death for them was inevitable but by concentrating on what is important and at that moment was the here and now and what they can do with the time that they had left. In reading about Raja Yoga, I found out that I was doing it without knowing that I was doing it. I found your discussion very enlightening. Thank you.

One very common element that is found in most religions of the world is an element of seeking to become more

RELI 448N Hinduism
RELI 448N Hinduism

spiritual. For the Hindus, this is found mainly in the Raja Yoga. There is something about the attempt to get away from the world and all of its noise and trying to connect to something spiritual. I think this very strong proof that a spiritual realm exists. Something that is beyond or outside of our everyday human experience calls to us, and connecting with it tends to be a very positive aspect of most religions.

I can not LOVE your points enough! I think every field in nursing comes with its own things that are extremely overwhelming. There have been more times than I can count where monitors are going off, call lights dinging, patients calling for help, ambulances rolling in, triage stats being called and I just feel like my head is going to explode. There are some times I just need to step outside and take a deep breath and decompress. I have never considered meditation but honestly I’m open to anything that is helpful. “Sometimes this practice is coupled with being aware of the breathing or coordinating with it. In other exercises, the mantra is actually whispered very lightly and softly, as an aid to concentration” (Dienstmann, G. (2019, May 16). I think calming down plays a huge role in how you’re breathing at the time too, So definitely something to consider.



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In your initial post, you note that Raja Yoga (promoted meditation) is essential as it helps people to find peace within themselves. I concur with this point of view in the sense that at times, people find themselves being overwhelmed by life and the challenges they face. As a result, meditating enables them to be at peace and pay attention to the concerns of their thoughts (Mallik et al., 2019). I can relate this perspective to my life experience. For instance, when I feel fatigued or overwhelmed in the workplace or at home, I take some time alone, especially at night. I go to my bedroom, switch off my phone, and any other source of disturbance. Through this, I am able to think about the day’s occurrences. Overall, Raja Yoga is instrumental for different people since it plays a fundamental role in reducing the potential for burnout and unnecessary stress.